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Marketing, Demo, & Training Videos

Throughout my career I have had extensive experience in creating promotional and training videos. Below are a few examples of my previous work.

Orange Trial Technology

DepoView Demo Video

Orange Online Training Video

Orange Legal Video Services

Amicus Attorney Training Video

Orange Legal CVN Demo


3D Animation

I started doing 3D animation work on contract my freshman year of college, and by the end of my sophomore year I decided to take the jump and start my own 3D animation firm. The firm, named Virtual Imaging Solutions and later renamed 3D Witness, specialized in 3D animation for both attorneys and architects. For attorneys I did accident reconstruction, visually illustrating who was at fault and why. For architects, I did preconstruction renderings showing potential buyers what the building was going to look like after it was built. Please see some of the excellent work below.

Military Prototype

Accident Reconstruction Promotional Video

Architectural Promotional Video

Motorcycle Accident


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